The Story of Morden Shoals

IMG7180Morden Shoals has evolved over the past 22 years from a tiny spare bedroom, 2 microphone, Yamaha O1V desk and a keyboard affair, through a 16 year period located in a good-sized loft conversion fitted with a Clearsonic drum isolation booth, where a good many commercial albums were produced, including recent highly acclaimed offerings by Home Service, Gryphon and John Kirkpatrick. Then last year I opened a purpose-built 42 sq. mt. totally soundproofed and treated outhouse at the end of my garden. The new building is very comfortable, fully air-conditioned and features a completely isolated 3.6 sq. mt. recording area at the far end, with an open control area at the other, also housing the ISO booth, which is now often used for vocals or guitars while a drummer might use the far end booth. There is a good selection of quality microphones as well as excellent preamps and outboard gear and also a fabulous Yamaha U3 upright piano.



Instruments and MIDI

IMG7185As well as the beautiful upright Yamaha piano I also have an 88-key Yamaha P200 keyboard as well as a 41-key Komplete controller, both linked via MIDI to extensive modern sample libraries, if you desire to broaden your horizons and tonal palette...

There is also a wide selection
of stringed instruments lurking around - guitars of all sorts, acoustic and electric, lap steels, dobros, banjos, mandolins, bouzoukis and ukuleles.
there's something you fancy and feel unable to play yourself, I'd be delighted to put myself in the hotseat and give it a go for you!

My wide experience
and skills as a musician,
arranger and composer will be of great assistance in helping and encouraging you with your project, whether you are a relative newcomer IMG7178to the art and science of recording or a seasoned pro. I'm well aware of the pressure on one's nerves that suddenly occurs when "the red light" goes on! My aim is to create the most relaxed and fun environment in which to enable maximum creativity.


IMG9573It's very important to have a short break in a 7 or 8 hour day, to maintain perspective, and I will always provide freshly baked home-made bread and soup, cheese, ham, fruit or anything you may require to maintain energy levels!