Studio Gear

IMG9206I primarily believe in using high quality mics and hardware pres, compression and EQ to achieve the best possible signal, and after trialing several control surfaces I am currently favouring Universal Audio's software interface, Console, to control inputs and monitoring. It is very easy to use, has virtually zero latency, and can benefit from UA's excellent range of powered plugins. I know it doesn't look as impressive to the client, but I care mainly about the sound!
From here I record into Pro Tools at a high sample rate and find this analogue/digital combination produces a really warm, natural and vibrant sound. Apple Logic is also supported if required, as is Sibelius and Melodyne.



Brauner VM-1
Peluso P28 Stereo Pair
Peluso A2247
Neumann Vintage KM84 x2
Sennheiser MG457
AKG C-341
Audio Technica 4033
AEA R88 mK2 Stereo Ribbon
Rode NTR
Rode NT5 Stereo Pair
Octava 8 Stereo Pair
Beyer Opus 65
Shure 58A
Shure 57


Neve 1047 2-Channel Mic Pre & EQ
Universal Audio 6176 Mic Pre & Compressor
Universal Audio 4-710d Mic Pre & Comp
AEA RPQ 2-Channel Ribbon MIc Pre & EQ
Millennia 4-Channel Mic Pre
TLA 5051 Mic Pre, Compressor & EQ
TLA 5001 4-Channel Mic Pre
Gas Cooker 2-Channel Mic Pre
Lexicon MPX-1
TC Digtal Delay 2290
Quadraverb Multi-FX
Dangerous D-Box Analogue Summing & Monitor Routing



Yamaha U3 Upright Piano
Yamaha P95 Keyboard
Komplete S49 MIDI Controller
Martin D18 Acoustic Guitar
Santa Cruz Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha 12-String
Yamaha Nylon String
Fender Stratocasters
Gibson 335
Anderson Stratocaster
Alan KennedyTelecaster
Beard Dobro
Fender Jazz Bass
Hofner Violin Bass
Polak Jazz Guitar
Vanden Mandolin
Epiphone 5-String Banjo
FAB Tenor Banjo



Fender Tremolux
Fender Deluxe Reverb, 1966
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Fender Princeton Reissue Roland Bass Cube
AER Compact 60/2
Rivera Combo 60


Other Hardware

Apple Mac Pro 5.1 12-Core 2.93 GHz,
48 GB RAM, OS X 10.14
Apollo 16 interface
Apollo Duo interface
2 x UA Satellites

Genelex 1032
Avantone Mix Cubes
Beyer Dynamic DT150 &
Audio Technica Headphones