"Graeme is an illustrious servant of righteousness and plays a bloody good guitar solo to boot."

- South Merton Born-Again-Clog-Dancer Gazette

Graeme was born many years ago in Stockwell, London, just a little south down the road from the current Headquarters of the Central London Musicians' Union's offices. As far as can be ascertained, this proximity was not part of the Grand Plan at the time.

In his early years he lived off Railton Road, in Herne Hill, London SE24, in an old house shared with various factions of the Taylor family, mostly painters & decorators, until his father switched to the legal profession and they could afford a small house of their own on the other side of South London, in Raynes Park. He was a promising and bright student, sailing through the 11+ examination, until he became fond of skiffle, being a little too young to have been personally touched by Elvis.

Transatlantic radio signals being very weak at this time in the SW20 region, the harbingers of extra-curricular diversion were going to be the likes of Lonnie Donnegan, Bert Weedon, The Shadows and then of course, The Beatles. Becoming thoroughly obsessive about the latter and indeed all the sixties “Beat” groups , this put paid to subsequent academic progress, and the arrival, most unwelcome to his neighbours, of a cheap metal and plywood guitar merely served to seal his certain fate of an uncertain future.

However, the stability of his now 39-year marriage (most unusual in its field), and his love of dog-walking have to some degree redressed this balance, as has his more recent penchant for recording, having most unexpectedly come upon a few thousand quid in the 90s: this burnt an enormous hole in his entire trousers for about three days, by which time he decided to go and blow it all - nay, invest it hook, line and sinker (what is a sinker anyway?**) into some recording gear.

After the initial nine months of hair tearing-out and midnight manual-scanning, controlled practice was initiated upon some close friends, and beginning to achieve results that pleased both parties, Graeme was spurred on to expand his moderate set-up, until it outgrew the spare room, necessitating the construction of a loft extension, where he has in the last few years recorded all manner of lineups from a Turkish/Arabic ensemble, Maawal, through radio work for the BBC, to a full-blown and fully-blowing rock 'n' roll band, Fastlane Roogalator. and most recently work with The Greenhouse Band (aka Big Sun, with Neil McArthur), Anthony Ingle, Martin Young, Denise Black, Gryphon, Home Service, Catherine Howe and the Ric Sanders Band.

It is a lovely light room, about 20' X 15', with pleasant green views, a joy to work in, very conducive to creativity, and apprehensive visitors invariably emerge quite embarrassingly ecstatic.

Of course, that could well be down to GT's rather good fresh home-made soup, which he insists upon providing for lunch.


I am deeply indented to one Sir Robert Lovepump, fiddlist for Sir Bob no less, who writes to point out that "A sinker is a lump of lead attached to the line near the hook. The baited hook is thus kept at a prearranged depth below the float, where it stands the best chance of interesting passing fish." I, of course, was already profoundly cognisant of this fact and was utilising the apparent dumbness of the narrative for pronounced prophetic licentiousness.

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