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June 2016



The album is now all complete, recorded, mixed and mastered, just putting the finishing touches to the booklet and off it all goes next week to Tristan Bryant, who is takng care of all the manufacturing and artwork. Everyone is thrilled to bitz with the results so far. You can hear some snippets at http://homeserviceband.co.uk/music.html and https://soundcloud.com/home-service



November 2015

Home Service has recently enjoyed a metamorphosis! Following John Tams' retirement from the band at the memorable gig in the Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury last September.

We have now regrouped with John Kirkpatrick adopting the role of lead vocalist and featuring his extraordinary accordion playing.

We also now have a new bass player following Jonathan Davie's emigration to Thailand - I am very pleased to welcome the great Rory MacFarlane into the HS bass chair!

Another development, due to the addition of John K's full accordion sound is the exploration of Steve King's previously unexplored skills on the tenor sax, now affording the luxury of a 4-piece HS brass section with a really BIG sound!


In July 2011, Home Service played its first and extaordinarily memorable reunion gig after 25 years, at the Half Moon, Putney, and followed it up with a rip-roaring series of appearances at major festivals throughout the summer. We were then nominated in two categories - Best Live Act and Best Group - for BBC Radio 2's Folk Awards. And on February 8th, 2012, we walked away with the award for BEST LIVE ACT!!


You will find plenty of live footage on YouTube...

A new album, entitled Cambridge Folk Festival in 1986 by Doug Beveridge, our stalwart soundman, has been released by Fledg'ling Records.
I edited the tapes in my studio and we are extremely pleased with the results. It's also available from Amazon and iTunes.



Gryphon's reunion gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, on London's South Bank on Saturday June 6th, was a huge success. Watch out for a full report here soon. We performed material from the first two albums, in a largely acoustic format with the original four members, Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland, Dave Oberlé and myself, plus Jon Davie on bass, and long-term friend of the band, Graham Preskett assisting on an assortment of instruments.

Big news now is that the band, with the same line-up will be performing a series of gigs up and down the UK, in April-May 2014


The first work has commenced at Cannon Hill Studio for a new Gryphon album! It was indeed an auspicious day, the 11th February 2012, when I made the first vocal recordings with Dave Oberlé on my rather serious new piece, Blood Runs Cool (working title). It was a great, creative and productive day with which we were both very pleased: the first of many, we trust...
Now Jon Davie has added some low notes, and I've coloured in a few guitar lines and chords, and the track is really beginning to fly.
Richard Harvey has discovered some 2" master tapes from the late 70s, which have been baked and digitised. Together with my contributions, these tracks could form the basis of the new album.

Recording continued recently of new arrangements of old tracks to be included in a forthcoming release.



I have worked closely writing and recording with singer/actress Denise Black. We also appear live as a duo, trio, or a 4-piece band. Just debuted a brand new show of songs from between the World Wars, describing the Birth of The Musical, at The Pheasantry on London's King's Road, which we will be playing elsewhere soon - watch for announcements!

We have a new album out, called Kiss The Joy, from which you can hear a selection of tracks and other work in progress on Soundcloud and watch us on YouTube:

1. Stopping Traffic

2. Feels Like Home

3 Old Fashioned Girl

4. Song For Jerry

6. I Only Wanna Be With You

7. You Are My Sunshine & Blokes

8. Parting Shot


Contact me to purchase a copy of the album, or order from iTunes, Amazon etc.




Also check out Big Sun, an album I recorded with The Green House Band, which is either available direct from me or as a download from iTunes.


There is an interview with me, which you might like to look at, very well written by Clive Harvey, for Suite 101.





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